Installation Instructions for PM-45, PM-46 Killswitch
Killswitch body
Stainless steel socket cap screws.
Lanyard with clip and plug
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions:

The PMR Killswitch was designed to stop the engine if the rider loses control of their bike.Our switch is a normally closed type switch and replaces the stock bar clamp on most 7/8 handle bars. Always pull out the plug by the plug itself and not the cord. This will prevent damage to the wire and plug.


There are alot of ways to wire the PMR killswitch. Here are the easiest ways. For bikes with on/off rocker switches on the handle bars take apart the switch assembly and find out what color wire goes to the on/off switch. Once you know what color wire goes to the switch find a good spot in the harness and breakone of them. You can use either wire that goes to the on off switch. Cut the wire and connect one end to one of the wires on the PMR killswitch connect the other wire to the remaining wire on the killswitch. We highly recommend soldering or good quality butt connectors.
All Products sold by PMR components are for racing use only and not to be used on public streets or highways
New killswitch replaces the bracket on the left.
    Can be used on the clutch or brake side.
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