Installation Instructions for Mirror Extenders


 2 extenders and 4 stainless cap screws. 


You will need to remove the mirrors to install the spacers. First thing to do is to pull back the rubber boot to reveal the two bolts holding the mirrors on. Next remove the bolts. There is a rubber spacer connected to the mirror that usually sticks to the body work, if this is true you will need to just use a little pressure on the mirror to break it loose. Once removed you will need to install the spacer, pay attention to the part number one has an L and one has an R. That stands for Left or Right when you are sitting on the bike. These parts are made with big holes so they can be adjustable. Next install the new bolts and MAKE SURE YOU USE BLUE LOCK TITE. Do not tighten them down until you put the boot back on and make sure they donít need any adjusting. This may take a few times to get them positioned properly. Once positioned tighten the bolts down until they are snug. They do not have to be real tight. If you have problems putting the rubber boot back on, the bolts might be too tight. Now do the same to the other side.



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