Installation Instructions for Lowering and Raising links


2 links (a left and a right)


 First it is very helpful to have a couple of people help stabilize the bike.


1.      You will need to take all of the weight off of the rear suspension. There are a couple of ways to do this.  Some people suspend their bike from the tail section others put a jack under the bike to remove the weight from the back of the bike. This is the part where friends come in handy.

2.       Once you have the weight off of the rear suspension the rest is easy. Look under the bike in front of the rear tire, you will see the suspension links you will need to remove the two bolts holding them on. 

3.       Remove the links 

4.       Install the new links.

5.       Use lock tite and tighten the bolts to factory specs.

6.      Put bike back on ground.

7.       Ride bike and periodically check bolts to make sure they are tight.

8.     Some bikes will require you to shorten the kick stand if you lower them too much. Some people cut and weld theirs and some people buy adjustable kick stands.


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