Installation Instructions for PM-9 Pair valve block off plates


 4 block off plates(one for each cylinder)



Many people ask are these hard to install? I do not think so but it all depends on your mechanical ability.


I also get asked do these add horse power? No! They remove the pair valve which is a smog device that pumps air into the exhaust.

Most people remove the pair valve when they are installing an aftermarket exhaust. The pair valve can make your new exhaust pop on deceleration. That is the main reason people remove it along with the weight savings.


Where do these go is also a popular question. These block off the ports on the head, just above each exhaust tube coming out of the head you will see a small tube about 1/2 in diameter (see picture), that is the tube that goes to the pair valve. The plates cover the little hole in the head underneath that tube. You can not see them with the body work on the bike.



















1.      Remove Body panels and prop up tank. 

2.       Disconnect pairvalve tubes frim exhaust ports and clean surface.

3.       Remove large rubber hose from pair valve. You will need to plug this hose you can follow this hose it goes up to the air box. 

4.       Remove small rubber hose from pair valve. You will need to plug this hose also. You can follow this hose to the throttle body.

        (some people cut the hose short then fill the hose with red high temp silicone and let it dry, others use a plug of some sort like a dowell and then use a hose clamp to plug the hose do what you like best)

5.       Unbolt pair valve assemby from mounting base. Remove pair valve.

6.       Install pair valve block off plates.  We also sell a gasket kit . PM-9G

7.       Re-assemble bike


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