Installation Instructions for PM-1, PM-4, PM-5 Triple Clamps


1 Triple clamp body with handle bar mounts installed

1 tube of loctite

2 ignition switch spacers

4 M8 x 20mm stainless socket head cap screws for fork leg clamps

2 M8 x 60mm stainless socket head cap screws for ignition switch

4 M6 x 22mm stainless socket head cap screws for handle bar clamp



Before doing anything you will need to take all of the weight off of the front end. A front-end stand that goes under the frame will work great. Donít forget to use the rear stand first. Do not use a front stand that goes under the fork legs. If you donít have a front stand you can use the rear stand and put floor jack under the header to remove any weight on the front end. Make sure the bike is stable. It is a good idea to have someone there to stabilize it. Next I recommend covering the gas tank and also the inside of the windscreen and gauges so they donít get scratched. (A towel works good)


1.      Remove brake and clutch reservoir assemblies from handle bar.

2.       Remove 2 Allen screws that hold handle bar clamps tight. (remove screws completely or bar will not come out)

3.       Remove bars from stock clamps; they should just slide out as long as you removed the screws completely.

4.       You can now remove the top of the triple clamp by removing the four bolts in the center of the clamp. You will need to remove the press in plastic plug in the top of each screw (use a tiny little screwdriver to pry the plastic plugs out. When removing the screws you will need to put a wrench on the nut under the clamp.

5.       Loosen the Allen screws holding the fork legs.

6.      Remove the nut in the center of the clamp.

7.       Lift the clamp straight up and remove the two security torx screws that hold the ignition switch on. (if all of the weight is off of the front end the clamp should lift right off)

8.      Now you are ready to install your new clamp. YOU MUST PUT LOCTITE ON ALL SCREWS THAT YOU ARE INSTALLING.

9.      Install the ignition switch using the ignition spacer and the M8 x 60 mm screws. The spacer goes between the switch and the triple clamp. Pay attention to the wires and the wire holders so they are not pinched and in the way of anything. Donít forget to use Loctite. Tighten bolts to factory specs.

10.    You are now ready to put the clamp over the fork legs and the center post. Install the center washer and nut do not use loctite on this nut.

11.    Now is a good time to set your ride height. If you plan on lowering your bike loosen the bolts on the bottom triple clamp and slide the fork legs up. If you are not going to lower your bike I do suggest making the fork leg flush with the top of the clamp.

12.    When you have the fork legs where you want them install the four M8 x 20mm screws that tighten the fork leg clamps. Do not forget loctite and to tighten the bolts on the bottom triple clamp. Tighten to factory specs.

13.    Now you will need to install the handlebars. It may be difficult to install the handlebars. Turning the front end will make it easier. When you put the handle bar in the clamp you will need to install the M6 x 22mm screws Donít forget loctite. You will have some adjustability in the rotation of the handle bar so put it where you think it will be comfortable.

14.    Now install the brake and clutch assemblies make sure that the levers donít hit the front plastics. Tighten to factory specs.


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