Installation Instructions for PM-40, PM-41 Sprocket Cover


1 Sprocket cover



1.       Remove left side body panel.

2.      Remove 2 screws holding coolant overflow tank.

3.       Pull in clutch lever and put a zip tie around clutch lever and grip to keep clutch pulled in (this is to keep the clutch fluid from flowing out of the clutch line when it is removed from the slave cylinder).

4.       Open the bleeder screw slowly on the clutch slave cylinder it is under pressure. Remove bleeder screw.

5.       Remove the clutch line from the slave cylinder, fluid will leak  DO NOT GET ANY CLUTCH FLUID ON THE PAINT.

6.       Remove the speed sensor. Remove the one screw then pull the sensor out of the cover.

7.       Loosen but do not remove the 2 bolts holding the slave cylinder on.

8.       You will need to remove the shift lever to remove the cover. Before you remove the lever use a black marker and put a line on the shift and the shaft so you will know where it is suppose to line up when you put it back on. You need to remove the bolt completely to take the lever off of the shaft. You will not be able to get the bolt out completely because it will hit the bike stand but do not remove the stand just push down on your shifter to rotate the shaft and the bolt will come right out. Now slide shift lever off of the shaft.

9.       Remove the 4 screws holding the sprocket cover on.

10.    Pull the sprocket cover straight out.

11.    Remove the 2 bushings (pins with holes that the bolts go thru to align the cover).

12.    Now remove the clutch slave cylinder.

13.    Now that you have the cover off clean off all of the extra chain crap around the sprocket.

14.    For people installing the polished cover do not touch the front of the cover Use the plastic the part came in as a protector while installing.

15.    Install clean clutch slave cylinder in new cover do nor forget to install the 2 pins to align the slave cylinder (we recommend tapping the slave cylinder in place with a rubber mallet then installing the bolts from the front)

16.    Next install the 2 pins that align the cover on the engine case.

17.    Install the cover with the 4 factory screws.

18.    Install the speed sensor push it all the way flush before installing the screw.

19.    Install clutch line and clutch bleeder screw Do Not forget washers.

20.    Tighten all screws.

21.    You will now need to bleed the clutch. Remove the zip tie holding the clutch lever. Pump the clutch lever a few times hold the lever and loosen the bleeder screw. Do this a few times until there are no more air bubbles coming out. Do not forget to add clutch fluid to the reservoir when bleeding clutch.

22.   Next install the coolant overflow bottle.

23.    Install the shift lever

24.    Finally Install the side body panel


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